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Gynaecological Abnormalities

Gynaecological Abnormalities include Menstrual disorders, PCOD, Post Menopausal Syndrome, Fibroid uterus, infertility.

Menstrual disorder includes, Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Oligomenorrhea, Pre-menstrual syndrome, menorrhega. Ayurveda provides good treatments for all Gynaecological disorders by pacifying the doshas and balancing the hormones.

PCOD is kapha vada imbalance according to Ayurveda. Lifestyle habits reducing body weight is very important factor. Ayurved Clinic offers various weight reduction treatment methods. Other associated problems of PCOD like Acne, facial hair growth, depression, irregular menstrual cycle, etc are also corrected.

Post Menopausal Syndrome includes symptoms like hot flushes, anxiety, confusion, etc. Post Menopausal women have more risk of getting Osteoporosis. According to Ayurvveda, vitiation of Vata – Pita is the reason for most Post Menopausal symptoms and we focus on Vat – Pita balancing treatments. Treatments include Shirodhara, Nasyam, Abhyangam are found to be very effective for patients during this period.

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