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This is a process of administering medicated herbal juices or oils to the ears for 5 to 10 minutes. Bathing the ears in warm oil calms and protects the nervous system .Treatment begins with a vibrant head and neck massage, followed by a gentle massage to the ears. Then the ears are gently cleaned with cotton buds and few drops of Herbal medicated Ayurvedic oil is poured into ears. Once the cavity of the ear is completely occupied with the oil, the person is requested to rest in the position to allow the oil to get absorbed.



  • Helps to clean the ear and avoid ailments associated to the ears
  • Highly recommended for tinnitus ( ringing in the ears), excess earwax, earache, neck pain, jaw pain, impaired hearing due to wax blockages, impurities in the ear canal, dryness, itching, frequent ear infections and vertigo.