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Hair Loss Management

Hair loss is a common phenomenon. But the cause of hair loss varies from person to person. It can be due to Dandruff, Vitamin deficiency, Hormonal imbalance, Thyroid issue, etc. The root cause of your hair fall can be identified during Doctor consultation and Ayurvedic treatments for Hair loss shall be done accordingly.

The hairs normal growth cycle lasts for 2 to 6 years and each hair approximately grows one centimeter (less than half an inch) each month during this phase. About 90% of the hair on the scalp is growing at any one time. About 10% of the hair on scalp, at any one time, is in its resting phase. The resting hair falls out after 2 to 3 months, and the new hair starts to grow in its place.

It is normal to shed few hairs each day as part of the cycle. Nevertheless, some may experience excessive hair loss. It can affect women, men, or children. As the age goes, people tend to lose their hair thickness and amount. About 25% of men start to bald by the time they are 30 years old, and about 2/3rds are either bald or may have a balding pattern by age 60.

Ayurved Clinic provides Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall in Dubai. This treatment is based on the ancient ayurveda treatment for hair loss. Ayurvedic treatment for hair growth is very effective and is of less side effects. Our Ayurvedic  Hair fall  treatment we treat the root cause and  concentrate on  strengthening the hair scalps. Nourishes hair to grow in a natural way with the use of natural medicines.